Alissa Solomon launched her real estate career in 1986, but even 25 years later she continues to draw on the creativity-and passion for detail-that fueled her first career, animation.

Born in Salt Lake City and a Los Angeles resident since 1960, Alissa was raised in a real estate family. The investment value and emotional worth of property was everyday conversation as she grew up.

But Alissa was drawn to the world of art and pursued her interest at Otis Art Institute, Art Center in Pasadena and UCLA. That led to a 12-year career as an animator for Disney, for top commercial producers and for video game companies. Working in New York, San Diego, Hollywood and London, she did animation for television, movies and commercials and became a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

During that time, Alissa enjoyed buying property for herself and was eventually persuaded to leave her art career in favor of real estate. Starting in the legendary Hollywood Hills, she moved to Sunset Strip, then Beverly Hills, where today she provides her signature residential and investment real estate service “throughout the region, from Glendale to the beach.”

“In animation you develop and refine skills,” Alissa says, “but you never do the same thing twice. Your vision has to stay fresh. Real estate is like that, too. Every person and every transaction is unique. It’s just as creative as being an artist.” Alissa continues to develop her formidable business skills, studying psychology, negotiation and even feng shui. “I have great compassion for human needs-where one lives, how one invests is so individual and so important. Seeing that a transaction plays out smoothly and efficiently with the client fully involved is an art.”

Alissa is still affiliated with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and also involved in the Art Deco Society, the Historical Society of Los Angeles, the Wilshire Vista Community, Agape International Community, Dr. Jean Houston Mystery School and Social Artistry, The Twilight Brigade and animal rescue.


You sold us this duplex 7 years ago and now that we're moving, you've sold it again! Thanks for a successful long term relationship.

All our best,
Curt Westberg & The Gang
~ Curt Westberg & The Gang
Dear Clinton and Alissa,

Thank you for helping me realize my dream. You two are golden.


~ Lisa Sessions
This is just a short note to share with you my delight at the experience I encountered during the sale of my home at 1216 S. Curson Ave. under the stewardship of Clinton and Alissa Solomon and Nathan Davidson.

I initially listed my home with Prudential last July. My decision to list with Prudential was predicated largely on a past sales experience I had with Alissa, which went smoothly and apparently effortlessly. Alissa also was able to connect me with a loan specialist who was able to arrange for the appropriate financing for that purchase. Without this action on her part, I may not have been able to conclude the purchase.

The sale of my house was initially listed in July, with escrow closing at the end of November. This period entailed numerous open houses and showings. Clinton, Alissa, and Nathan never failed to be available to answer any questions I had during this time, and provided valuable, reasoned, and experienced counsel as decisions needed to be made regarding amended pricing for the house and in the issues attendant to the ultimate sale.

I always found them all to be courteous, friendly, willing to share their knowledge, and forthcoming and truthful in their appraisals of the current housing market; all valuable commodities to an apprehensive and confused home seller.

I am planning to purchase a home again in the near future. You may be assured that my loyalty is to Prudential Realty and Team Solomon.

Mark Busch
~ Mark Busch Re: Sale of House at 1216 S. Curson Avenue
Dear Alissa,

I want to thank you again for being such an excellent real estate agent. Our new neighbors are having a difficult time. For some reason they didn't get an inspection; they're having plumbing problems -- $2,000 worth so far and they didn't negotiate a home warranty. I just feel really fortunate to have been blessed with you expertise. Thanks again.

~ Theresa
Dear Alissa,

It was a pleasure working with you and Karen Canady on the Purchase of her new home. Your knowledge and professionalism is an outstanding attribute and that really influences the way a transaction flows. All of us here appreciated your help in successfully closing this transaction, and I hope we've earned the right to call you "a happy Realtor."

I look forward to working with you again.

All the Best,

Paul Cawthorne
Mortgage Loan Consultant
~ Paul Cawthorne
As stated by Mr. Guess, a 41 year resident of Wilshire Vista: "I'd like to thank you for all of the assistance you gave me in selling my place. You guys were a great support and did a great job." ~ Mr. Guess
September 18, 2007

Dear Alissa & Clinton,

We first met the two of you 5 years ago when you sold us our house. Although you represented the seller at the time, Clinton´s relaxed manner made us feel comfortable and at ease. When we decided to sell our house we realized that our agent wasn´t satisfying us. So we decided to contact the two of you.

Both selling and buying a new house was a very stressful and demanding time for us, but Alissa was a sigh of relief. Her professionalism and expertise made the transaction process for us go effortlessly & efficiently.

We would highly recommend Alissa and Clinton to any of our friends, in fact we just referred "The Frary´s" to them.

Thanks again,

Terrel Gibson & Karen Gordon

P.S. Thanks to your whole team and everyone you recommended to us throughout our process!
~ T. Gibson
Dear Alissa & Clinton,

Rob and I both appreciate working with you and Clinton and would like to thank you for all your hard work on the many issues we had with the seller. We hope we'll get a chance to get our families together at some point. We'd also like to have your family over to see the Gramercy house once all the work is done!


Karen Canaday
~ Karen Canaday
September 27, 2007

Dear Alissa & Clinton,

We wanted to write you a letter to share our experience on selling our home and commend the two of you for doing a wonderful job as our realtors.

To start, we were extremely pleased to find that you are what professional Realtors should be- professional, thorough and trustworthy. You took the time during our first meeting to set realistic but aggressive expectations, giving us the confidence and understanding we needed to move forward with the biggest transaction of our lives.

What we found as the process got underway was that the confidence you projected up front was backed up by solid execution on your promises. You drew amazing traffic to our property when we hit the market ? more than 100 potential buyers walked our home in a market brimming with homes for sale and picky shoppers. Your reputation certainly helped pull this off and the proof is in the results: we sold our home in three weeks while neighborhood competition sat on the market unsold.

Your uncommon personal attention made us feel comfortable knowing that the people representing us were working for our benefit. We freely admit that we can be high maintenance. We may have watched too many horror ? story episodes of "Buy Me" that made us paranoid, but the two of you with your complementary personalities remained even-keeled as you coached us through the process, keeping us informed of all of the options available to us and backing up our decisions with sound strategy. You went the extra mile on several occasions ? acting almost as business partners ? as you kept us up ? to- the ? minute when we traveled out of state and then hitting hard to protect us when the buyer´s agent acted recklessly and offensively.

What struck us most about working with the two of you is that you are clearly two people with vision. It is people of vision who bear the strength of their convictions to become the most successful in what they do. Your vision was clear from the beginning and you possessed the faith in what you saw to follow through and execute without hesitation or compromise. That is what, in our opinion, makes you a successful team and it is what made us comfortable trusting you with what essentially represented our future.

Many of the things above ? it could be argued ? are what Realtors are supposed to do in a perfect world. Unfortunately, we don´t live in a perfect world. But the two of you made us feel a little bit closer.

We would definitely sell with you again if we could and we just wanted to let you know that we think you are two of the best agents in the city.


Matt and Robbie Frary
~ Matt and Robbie Frary